We are on a mission to transform the image of mental health.

In 2019, Robin Seymour started Therapology with the intention to make therapy modern, simple and accessible. Through his own experience, Robin had discovered how difficult it is to gain access to professional counselling services in a moment of a personal crisis. A shortage of specialist therapists, long waiting lists, an overload of information on the Internet and high costs are only one side of the problem. For many mental health issues still remain a taboo, a sign of weakness that is best not talked about. And this stigma prevents them from seeking professional help in the first place.

Robin set out to change that. He envisioned a platform that would be easy to use and would benefit clients and therapists alike. On Therapology clients gain instant access to confidential online or face-to-face therapy at a time and on a day that suits them. And therapists are empowered to manage all aspects of their work in one place, allowing them to define a work schedule that fits around their life.

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