Online therapy is on the rise, and here’s why.

The psychological stress of a pandemic is something no one could have accurately predicted; it’s the ultimate unknown. When the pandemic began and we were put into lockdown in March of 2020, there was a significant rise of psychological distress by around 8.7%. People who had never experienced mental health issues before were beginning to face some serious distress due to the isolation from their friends, their family and the world we knew and loved – for anyone this is a tough situation, and one many of us never prepared for. 

With the digital landscape of therapy growing by the minute, the surge created by COVID with the necessity of having to move everything online and the easy accessibility of being online, points in an upward direction for therapy to stay within the parameters of the digital realm. While there will always be clients who prefer to stick with face to face appointments, online therapy is giving access to a much wider demographic.

Online therapy is still effective, and it gives access to many who need mental health treatment who may not be comfortable with a face to face appointment and can’t make the distance to get to a face to face appointment. 

Beginning to scale your practice using online management software and methods to offer the same accessibility other practices and therapists do is of key importance to maximise the potential growth of your business. 

The benefits of online therapy and moving your systems to an online platform far outweighs any other option and while face to face therapy is not going anywhere, online therapy is only skyrocketing at an exponential speed. 

The pandemic taught us a lot. It taught us to prioritise our mental health and there was a lot of conversation circulating throughout the lockdown about managing feelings of loneliness and isolation, opening up a wider conversation about equalising the access to treatment for those in need. 

It has placed a heavier focus on treating and preserving your mental health, as much as your physical health. 

Therapy is such an integral part in many people’s routines, and with accessibility widening through online therapy, there has never been a better time to invest in your business processes and reach a much larger amount of people who are in need of your services. 

What we would love to know:

How are you finding online therapy as a therapist? 

Do you have a preference of online therapy or face to face?

As a therapist have you found it difficult to practise your own self care during this time?

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