Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed below are the most frequently asked questions about Therapology, our service and app.
  • How much will it cost me to use the service?
    Our business model is simple. As a therapist, you create a profile on Therapology for free. The only time you are charged is when your client books and pays for their session or if you ...
  • How do I access the app?
    As a therapist once you are registered the app URL will be emailed to you.
  • Can I meet with clients virtually or do I need a premise?
    As a Therapist you can choose either, Therapology caters for both types of session.
  • How do you help to drive clients to me?
    Therapology is currently in phase 1, once phase 2 is live this will dramatically increase how we bring clients to you – Sign up to stay informed.
  • How do I create my therapist profile?
    Simply visit the ‘create your therapist profile’ page and complete the web form. A member of our team will then contact you as soon as our app is live.
  • How do I upload documents, can I use video as part of the service?
    Video Calls are live now, document management is in our pipeline due later this year.
  • Is your service fully secure?
    Yes please review our privacy policy for the most upto date information. –