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Internet connection? . Check in with your therapist? Within 60 minutes, 24/7 – that’s our aim.

This is face-to-face and online therapy made accessible for all. Simple!

Instant online access to mind and emotional health help.

Feel better. Soon.

  • Peace of mind – Therapology is registered with the UK ICO (Information Commissioners Office)
  • No subscription, pay on demand
  • Therapy when you want and need it
  • Intuitive to use – get up and running within minutes’

Guys. This whole strong and silent male thing is doing no-one any good.

Men are less likely to visit their doctor, or talk about the things that are bothering them. Many don’t feel they can ask friends or family for help.

You’re stronger for not talking, right? You’re more of man for keeping it all in, right?

Step through the digital doors of Therapology. This entirely online platform provides completely confidential therapy on your terms. It’s the modern medium through which you can seek professional support and expert insight.

No-one needs to know. So, guys, let’s talk about it.

Gain access to mind, wellbeing and emotional health help. Connect with a world of specialist therapists.

Our certified, insured therapists are ready and waiting. But our therapists aren’t just any old therapists – they are specialists – with expertise in an array of mental health niches, from phobias and anxieties to self-limiting beliefs, eating disorders, sports therapies onto life-coaching.

In this fast-paced frantic world of ours, few have the time to commit to in-person therapy. And with technology on your side, why should you have to?

We understand that you’re busy. Which is why Therapology fits in with you.

  • On demand therapy anywhere, anytime
  • Book simply and quickly
  • Pay safely and securely
  • Treatment within 48 hours, at a time and on a day to suit you
  • Make choices that are right for you, by reviewing therapist and therapy ratings
  • Certified, insured and pre-vetted therapists

Therapy at your fingertips – whatever has led you here.

Therapology is your instant access to guidance – anytime, anywhere and for whatever the reason.

Some of our clients stand at a crossroad – in need of guidance and light life coaching – they want to gain clarity, confidence and maybe a little motivation.

Others are in crisis – they need support and professional insight, fast.

And then there are still more who suffer the everyday effects of serious phobias and anxieties – those who need regular, ongoing guidance to overcome what today might feel impossible.

Regardless as to whether one of these relate, or not, Therapology is home to the specialist therapist you need, when you need them.

Go ahead – go explore, learn more about our mind experts and how their helping hands are changing lives and minds – one therapy session at a time.

Your therapist awaits…

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