6 of the Best Self-Care Remedies

So, we made it to 2021, and we’re heading very quickly into February and we can *hopefully* see an end to the national lockdown. If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s about how to make the best of a bad situation. Yes, we’re talking to all of you who downloaded Tik Tok (us included), had numerous video catch ups with friends and discovered that your new found favourite trip out is going to Asda to browse the home section.

As we all know, this is a strange and difficult time for everyone so you need to make sure that you are looking after yourself and discovering the best ways to do that. We have compiled a starter pack if you like, to give you an idea of some self care tips you can try!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

6 of the Best Self-Care Remedies Therapology

Sleep needs to be your top priority when it comes to self-care. If you do not get enough sleep then this will increase stress and anxiety. You need to make sure you are well relaxed. This means that you should keep off your phone for at least an hour before bed, get all your thoughts out of your head by writing them down and try doing a small routine whether that be skin care or something else, so your mind knows it is time to relax. 

Exercise Little and Often

6 of the Best Self-Care Remedies Therapology

Your brain whilst you are exercising releases endorphins that puts you in a better mood. This does not need to be excessive exercise. This could be a small 10-minute yoga session or a 30-minute walk once a day. It does not need to take up your day and it will put you in a calm mood. In addition, it could get you to be more physically healthy too, which is a bonus!

Spend Time Outdoors

6 of the Best Self-Care Remedies Therapology

Nature walks are so good for the mind. Leave your phone at home or turn it off. Take a walk in the fresh air and live in the moment. Watch as the ducks’ race to get little crumbs of bread. By staying in the present, you are not worrying about the future. We do not always need to be entertained by Netflix because there is entertainment right in this present moment on our doorsteps. 

Read or Listen

6 of the Best Self-Care Remedies Therapology

Getting lost in a book or listening to an audio book is an amazing way to give your mind a break from what is happening in your life. It is a way of keeping your brain stimulated by doing something intellectual, but it also is good at distracting your mind from your worries.

Make a Schedule 

6 of the Best Self-Care Remedies Therapology

Schedule the next day before you go to bed, this will help with your sleep too. This helps to put everything you need to do in an order. Do not just put what you have to do but also put things that you want to do such as ‘take a bath’. This is giving self-care priority. 


6 of the Best Self-Care Remedies Therapology

Mediation and mindfulness are so important when we are feeling stressed. If you tend to get worried or anxious then give yourself 5 minutes a day to focus on your breathing. This will make you so much more relaxed and keep you thinking in the present.